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Video content is the way forward if you want to make the most out of your website as an eCommerce business. Search engines are much more likely to prioritise webpages with video content than websites without. Video content can gain you much more exposure as it can increase your SEO score exponentially.

This blog will outline all the benefits that video content can bring to your business and how you can use them to your advantage.

How does video content benefit your customers?

One of the best ways of encouraging sales is to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for your customers. If your product information isn’t clear or your customers are left with questions, it can often lead to abandoned baskets or doubt about purchasing. By incorporating video content into your webpage, you can answer questions about how a specific fabric moves when worn on clothing items or even how easy it is to assemble a particular product. If your product information isn’t clear or your customers are left with questions, it can often lead to abandoned baskets or doubt about purchasing.

Video content does not have to involve the content directly, either. You can utilise customer testimonials as video content too! Video testimonials are a great method of convincing new customers that your products are good quality and therefore your business is trustworthy. Learn more about the benefits of video customer testimonials here.

The versatility of video content

Video content is possibly the most valuable marketing tool right now due to the increased use of sites like TikTok and Youtube. But also, with other popular social media sites following suit, like Instagram introducing reels, it is only predicted to grow. Your video content can be utilised for social media and webpage content. Versatility makes video content a worthy investment for any online retailer.

According to a survey conducted by Social Shepard, 78% of Marketing Professionals said that video content has helped increase their sales.

Can video content reduce returns?

Your returns rate and your transparency are directly correlated. A very common reason for returning items from online businesses is that the product received is not what the customer expected. By showing off more aspects of your product you can therefore answer more questions about the product you are selling. By giving your potential customers a clearer understanding of their purchasing, you can therefore erase any doubt about the product and reduce your returns rate. Reducing your returns rate can save your company time and money.

What do you need to put together your videos?

Equipment depends on the purpose of your video content. For sites like TikTok, high-quality video content is often ignored because it looks like a polished advertisement. To appear organic and attract attention to your TikTok, it is a good idea to video on a good-quality smartphone rather than a video camera and edit your videos within the app. This is also very cost-effective for smaller businesses that may not have the budget to cover professional videography.

Smartphone videos will often be ignored on this platform as they appear unprofessional. However, for websites like Youtube or Instagram, quality video equals trustworthiness. To shoot a professional video, you must consider five essential areas: sound, visuals, editing, setting and purpose.


When putting together a video, you’ll need to remember your desired audience reaction before planning the video itself. What do you want to gain from putting your video out there?

  • Are you looking to inform your audience of your product’s unique features?
  • Is the purpose to impress your audience with stunning visuals of your product?
  • Do you want to convince your audience they need your product?

Your message should be apparent within your video. Therefore you should have this concept in mind before you even pick up a camera.

Sound and Visuals

High-quality equipment is nothing without the knowledge to utilize them. Think about how you can best use your budget. Consider the necessary programs needed to finish your videos; the equipment can significantly affect your budget. You may even want hire a professional who already has the knowledge needed to operate the equipment and will, most often than not, bring their equipment to shoot for you and it will all be included in the cost.

Sound can be recorded in camera or added externally using a voice over or stock music. This will again factor into the cost if you make the video yourself.


Office space can often be challenging to use for shooting product videos because the set-up of equipment. Equipment like lighting and tripods can mean you won’t have sufficient space to shoot. You’ll need to consider renting studio space or if you’re shooting outside, think about how natural lighting may cause unnecessary problems.


Finalizing your video is one of the most important steps. Transitions can help make a clip run smoothly or it can clutter the clip and be distracting. You’ll also want to consider the programs you need and the additional cost.

Overall, video content is a great way to boost SEO and capture potential customers’ attention online if used correctly.

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