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Corporate Headshots: Tips for LinkedIn and others


Corporate headshots can be a great way to introduce yourself to your customer audience or even a
great addition to LinkedIn or your Cv. But how can you ensure that your corporate headshot is
appropriate? This blog will discuss how you should pose and also how you should go about executing
your headshot.

What should you wear for your corporate headshot?

suits for corporate headshots

When you’re the face of a company, you know how important it is to ensure you look professional
and represent your brand in the best way possible. So, what should you wear for your headshot?

You’ll want to keep it professional. Steer away from bold and harsh patterns that can be distracting.
A blazer works excellent for both men and women, with a blouse or shirt in plain colours like black,
grey and white. Keeping the outfit simple and smart will ensure the focus is on your face whilst
keeping things professional. Keep jewellery to a minimum, too, switch out facial jewellery to small
unnoticeable studs or remove it entirely. Chunky necklaces and loud ties can also be distracting, so it
may be a good idea to miss out on those.

Some colours may be appropriate for creative companies or school teachers who want to
incorporate some creativity within their headshot. Still, it’s essential to see what other professionals
in your field are doing and align with that.

Should you wear your glasses?

man wearing glasses for corporate headshots

Wearing your glasses in your headshot is down to whether you feel comfortable wearing them or
not. Your headshot should reflect you as a person and as a professional; if you wear glasses every
day but not in your headshot, this is not a true reflection of you. If you wear glasses every day, you
can incorporate them into your headshot. However, if you feel more confident without them, it
might be best to leave them out. If you are unsure, you can always shoot two different headshots
with and without and choose once you have the final images.

Hair and Makeup

Try to stick to what you would wear to a formal meeting. Keep makeup to a minimum, use it to
enhance. Utilise colour correcting and concealer to minimise imperfections if it makes you feel more
confident, as confidence will reflect in your final images. In terms of hair, ensure you look clean and
smart, again go along the basis of what you would wear in a professional setting.

How should you pose?

corporate headshots

There are many different options for posing for corporate photos, and it is all down to how you want
to appear to potential employers/customers etc. The best thing to do is to look into other business
headshots and see what others are doing. A safe bet is to go for a very simple headshot from the
shoulders up; you’ll want to stand around 45 degrees from the camera and lean forward. This pose
radiates confidence and is perfect for any headshot.

How often should you update your headshot?

We recommend updating your headshot every 1-2 years. This timeframe allows for it to remain up
to date and professional. However, we recommend that if you make any drastic changes to your
appearance, it is good to update your headshot. We also recommended that you update your profile
picture on LinkedIn every two years too. Keeping your headshot up to date for interviews shows that
you are well organised and professional.

Should you hire a professional?

corporate headshots

Hiring a professional is essential to ensure these photos are of the highest quality. High-quality
photos will stress to whoever is perceiving them that you are a professional who takes things
seriously. It is an excellent opportunity to prove that you care about details and take first
impressions seriously, making it a great way to reassure customers/employers that they are
hiring/working with trusted professionals.

A professional photographer can also help advise on what to wear and how to pose for your specific
field as they will have experience with other companies and their headshots. It will also take away
the stress of editing and finalising the images for you to use.

Hiring a photographer is paramount to getting high-quality images. It also often works out to be
much more cost-effective than buying/hiring equipment and the time it takes to edit the photos.

Do you have any tips we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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