map with pins for photography location

5 ways to find photography location 


Finding a photography location can be difficult whether you’re exploring a new country or
think you have exhausted all the best spots on your doorstep. This article is to help you find
some new sources of creativity using the internet and which apps and websites can help you. 

map with pins for photography location

Word Of Mouth

Although it seems like the most obvious way to find out new locations, using word of mouth
may not be easy to navigate off the bat. First of all, you’ll want to establish exactly where you
want to find new locations. If you’re looking for local hidden gems, Facebook groups are a
great way to discuss photography spots with fellow photographers. Not only this, these
groups don’t have to be photography specific.

Think about looking into wildlife enthusiast groups if you’re looking for wildlife photography spots. Or Wedding planning groups if you’re looking into locations for engagement or prom photos. 

Maybe you’re looking into travelling abroad for photography? Facebook can be helpful here
too, however, it often requires you to narrow down your options for locations before you’ve even
started. This is why we would recommend blog posts and online forums for travel
photographers. It will open up your list of opportunities to something much broader if you
so wish. 

Photography Location Scout 

Location Scout is a website that allows you to search photography hot spots. It narrows down
your choices by theme, location or country, so it makes it much easier to explore places to
spice up your photo albums. The website also allows you to view examples of how other
professional photographers have gotten creative with each area to give you a better idea of
what you can achieve.

ipad showing city photography location on map backdrop with camera

Trip Advisor

Already planning a trip but want to get more out of it with your camera? Trip Advisor is a
great way to look into potential places. It also allows you to read reviews from real customers
and visitors in order to see which spots are worthwhile and which places to skip. 


Hashtags are a great way to see what’s to offer in specific areas using Instagram. Simply
search up the place you are visiting in hashtags, and you’ll be able to see what has been
captured by both amateur and professional photographers.  

hashtag city photo with blurred city out of focus background photography

Shot Hot Spot 

Currently being formatted for an app version, Shot Hot Spot offers a social platform to
discuss and find the perfect photo location. Their advanced search system allows you to
narrow down your location search using thirteen different categories, including:

 weddings 
 sunset/sunrise 
 astrophotography 
 panoramic 
 abandoned

To name but a few. Not only this, but the website also offers the opportunity to share your
own Shot Hot Spot’s with other photographers. You can also create your own travel plans with their “list” function. Essentially the entire platform is made by photographers for
photographers, which evidently, makes for a very tailored experience. 

With this range of resources from apps to websites, it is easy to plan your photography
locations for future shoots and can help you advise clients on their choices too.

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