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SEO: What to include in your eCommerce Product Description


Most businesses nowadays are starting out online. Or existing companies are branching out. It’s no surprise, though. An online audience introduces you to a wide range of customers from around the globe. Marketing is so much more accessible online, too. ECommerce product descriptions are a key part to this. It is simple and often free to advertise yourself to potential customers online. But how can you do this? 

SEO is the answer to getting the most out of the web when running a business. Search Engine Optimisation decides how your webpage ranks on search engines. Customers ignore most websites after the first page, so to beat the competition, you must ensure your webpage is optimised and suitable. One of the ways of doing this is by producing a stellar eCommerce product description. 

Who is your audience?

segment customer audience

Part of your marketing strategy should involve some time to create customer personas. By segmenting your customer market, you can get to know who is searching for your products online. Customer profiles aid the creation of your product description, but they can also be used to create different marketing campaigns for social media, newsletters or even gift guides. (Learn more about the benefits of gift guides here) Customer profiles allow you to understand some keywords they might search for, too, so you can incorporate them into your product description. 

What specifics should you include in your eCommerce product description?

Go into as much detail as possible. E-commerce is very different to shopping in-store. This gap can lead to confusion about specifics like size or color, which may not be evident in the product photos. Be as detailed as possible but ensure readability is good. SEO rewards good readability. Ensure that your description is accessible, too; you’ll want your description to be readable to a low-level literacy audience. Grammarly can help keep your description detailed and readable. 

Some of the details you can include are:

  • sizing and measurements
  • materials and ingredients 
  • unique selling points (easy assembly, how long it lasts, next day shipping etc.)
  • Colour or pattern options
  • model measurements if you are using model photography
  • If there are matching components, you also sell (matching earrings, fabrics or additional components)
colour options for caps creative product photography ecommerce product description MO STUDIOS

What are Keywords?

Keywords are what will flag your website as useful when typed into the search bar. Keywords vary from company to company, and there are many options of websites online you can use to generate a list of potential keywords to utilise in your description. By ensuring your description is readable with keywords, you can rank much higher than potential competitors and fight for your spot on the first page.

Be as transparent as possible. 

One of the most common reasons customers are left disappointed with items they have ordered online is because they’ve been misled. Disappointed customers lead to negative reviews and bad word of mouth. Both of which are very damaging to your reputation. It can also lead to returns which are very costly and inconvenient; learn more about avoiding returns here. If you are selling vintage or reclaimed products, list imperfections in detail. Customers searching for secondhand products are aware they’re looking at items with potential damage, so pointing it out won’t drive them away; on the contrary, they’re more likely to find your brand trustworthy. 

ecommerce model photography model in black shirt with blonde hair and white background

If you’re selling clothing, point out the measurements of the model wearing the clothes. This can give a better visual of how the item may sit on a similar frame or height. 

How do product photography and product descriptions go hand in hand?

First impressions are everything and images are what buyers will see first. You want to capture attention via images, and this will encourage your audience to continue on to the description you have written. You could have written a perfect description, but it is essentially useless if your images aren’t good enough. Once you’ve used SEO to get your images to rank higher, your images will then lead them to actually read it. A good description and high-quality product photography go hand in hand to encourage sales. Check out MO STUDIOS for examples of high-quality product images.

seo scrabble letters keywords

How can you increase readability?

Make sure your grammar and layout are good. The layout is key to separating key info so it is digestible. Large paragraphs can alter efficiency, which is a very desirable quality when it comes to shopping online. You may want to consider using tables for information or bullet points which make it easier to read. Grammar and spelling are key to SEO, too; by ensuring words are spelt correctly, they can be flagged as keywords, and grammar is key to a high readability score.

To summarize

By ensuring you are honest and your eCommerce product description is accessible, you can ensure you gain a good reputation from customers and build that trust. Readability and keywords can also reward you via your SEO ranking.

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