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ECommerce Newsletters work as an invaluable marketing tool for your business. You can gain subscribers quickly by advertising discounts on your social media pages or making it a tick box when signing up for your webpage. They are very versatile, too, because you can use them for business updates, to create anticipation surrounding new product releases, or even to sell advertising space to other companies. 

Nobody likes spam in their inbox. 

Create interesting content. Your customers will want something in return for giving you their contact info. Make signing up for your newsletter worth their time. You can do this by adding exclusive discounts to the header of each newsletter or hosting exciting giveaways. These little incentives will limit unsubscribers and boost interactions. Always put the motivation into the subject header to draw customers in.

Create anticipation

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Give exclusive insight and increase customer excitement. Share upcoming projects before you release info to the general public. Encourage customers to keep up to date with the news. This is an excellent tool for creating hype. You could also be surrounding new releases with a giveaway exclusive to subscribers.

Share the news 

What’s going on behind the scenes? Perhaps you’re looking to attempt a new packaging process, or you’ve hired a new colleague; tell the world. These little insights make your business seem more human, which a lot of more giant corporations lack nowadays. Being human as a business is an important quality to have, as it makes you appear much more trustworthy.

Feature a product or material of the month!

Trends are a great way to get attention to your eCommerce newsletter. Featuring a product is a great way to shed light on products that may not sell as well or perhaps don’t get the attention they deserve. Tie your featured items to trends too. 

Gift giving with eCommerce newsletters

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Don’t forget to wish happy holidays to your customers. Reminding them of your presence around holidays is a great way to draw attention to your site for potential gifts. You can also supply holiday themed discounts too to encourage sales. Why not turn it into a gift guide?

The key to eCommerce newsletters is to avoid unsubscriptions. You want to keep your audience captivated with your content and give them exclusive benefits to get them to stick around. ECommerce newsletters are supposed to benefit both the receiver and the sender; otherwise, what’s the point?

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