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Keeping up an engaging social media presence is critical right now if you want to market your business effectively. But how can your business make high-quality content?

Content is everything. Content is what grows and maintains your following/audience. But how can your business make the most of product photography to create consistent, high-quality content? Keeping up an engaging social media presence is critical right now if you want to market your business effectively.

Keeping a schedule for social media

Having a schedule is paramount to keeping your audience entertained. You’ll want to research and experiment with the times your desired audience is active and how often you need to post. The time you post and how often depend on which social media platforms you use, so you must tailor your schedule to the platform you use. For example, your specific customer persona might be most active at 3 pm on a Thursday on Instagram, but the same persona might be more inclined to use Facebook at 9 am on a Thursday.

Keeping a schedule can be very difficult, especially if social media is not your priority or you’re busy when posts need to go out. Scheduling apps come in handy. Sites like Hootsuite or Later allow the user to schedule posts weeks in advance, so all you need to do is create the content and set the desired time to post. Your posting schedule may even exist outside of work hours.

However, scheduling sites do often limit what you can post as elements like Instagram stories or Twitter Fleets require posting manually at the desired time. These elements are crucial to ensuring that you get the most out of social media marketing, so it is a great idea to hire someone or find time to ensure these elements are taken advantage of too.

Content Content Content

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As we stated before, content is everything. Think about it this way; followers expect something in return when they hit follow. If their feed contains non-engaging, bland, repetitive content, they’re likely to unfollow and take their custom elsewhere. No one wants to see a feed filled with advertisements. Your content should be about more than advertising your products; it should be engaging.

Get creative with your social media product photos.

Creativity and innovation get people talking about what you need to market organically using social media. Use interesting props in your product photos. You can do one shoot and use different angles for each social media to keep things refreshing. Lifestyle photography is the best way to get creative. Show your product in its natural habitat or hint at ingredients/scents/flavours with props.

Don’t just limit yourself to product photos.

Show behind the scenes of a shoot on Instagram stories. Get people excited about your company’s future by hinting at what’s coming next for you. Product videos are also a great way of putting out content. With TikTok and Instagram reels rising in popularity, social media users engage more with short videos that encourage them to engage with content for much longer than a single image.

Product photos on your social media profiles

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Keep your audience updated. Make your best product photos more permanent and use them as banners on sites like Twitter and Facebook. They’re a great way to tell your company’s story or advertise products upon the first impression of your account page.

Keep things refreshing

Choose a different product or product option each week to post about, and ensure you’re not repetitive with content. Even if you offer one product, ensure that your photos differ from each post this will therefore keep your audience engaged and much more likely to stick around.

What products do you intend to advertise, and furthermore which social media platform have you had the most success with? Let us know below.

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