Etsy : A guide to setting up your online handmade business


Becoming an eCommerce business can be pretty daunting. It can be tricky to know where to begin. One of the first things you’ll want to do is figure out which platform suits you. We have a brilliant article here offering valuable advice from eCommerce specialists to help you select a platform. 

So you’ve chosen Etsy. Etsy is a brilliant source of small handmade products for customers who want to support small businesses rather than large corporations. But how can you stand out in the crowd? This article will offer tips on how to set up your etsy account and approach adding product listings. (We’ve also got a super helpful post on how to write SEO product descriptions right here.)

Etsy Step one…

The primary thing you need to do is download both of Etsy’s apps. Etsy is very user friendly and this is why they offer two separate apps. One app is built for buyer and they offer another exclusively for sellers. This makes it extremely easy to navigate running your business from your phone. 

Then, you’ll be asked to set up a sellers account with a short bio explaining who you are and a profile picture/logo. Etsy prioritises the person behind the shop. It is what makes it so desirable for buyers as they know they are buying from real people and not faceless coporations. 


branding list for etsy

You will also need a shop name when setting up your storefront. You can include this in your logo and explain a little bit more about why you chose it within your bio. You may want to also double check this name is available before creating logos and such too. 

When creating your logo you’ll want to decide on a conistent colour scheme for webpage and email banners and such. You can use mobile editing apps to make a free logo or you may decide to invest in a graphic designer for a more professional feel. 

About you 

Writing your bio is your chance to tell your story. What made you set up your business? How did you learn your skills? Translate your passion into a paragraph about you. Don’t be afraid to point out what sets your business apart from similar businesses too, convince buyers of why they should choose you. 

Creating your listings 

Once your store is all set up, it’s time to create your listings. The first thing your potential customers will see is your product photos. Product photos are so important to captivating attention. Use close ups to draw attention to intricate details, and lifestyle can make the product seem more interesting. Check out our other blogs for in depth inspiration for product photos here. 

You’ll also want to create a compelling product description too. This is very easy to do once you know how to. We have a brilliant article here on exactly how to include the right amount of detail as well as prioritising SEO. 

Ready to go…

Once you’ve completed one product listing, it’s very simple to use that skeleton to create more. Use customer questions in the future to provide additional info to listings too.

Which eCommerce selling platform would you like us to disect next?

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